2 = collective, pooled, aggregated.
Ex. 'I'm really not trying to put anyone on the spot and, frankly, I'm not too surprised and only a little disappointed at your collective ignorance,' he commented.
Ex. A group of 64 libraries realised substantial cost reductions by joining in a pooled fund to self-insure for unemployment compensation.
Ex. These numbers have no meaning or correlation to anything outside of the aggregated data file in which they appear.
* amnesia colectiva = collective amnesia.
* catálogo colectivo = union catalogue.
* Catálogo Colectivo Nacional = National Union Catalog, NUC.
* demanda colectiva = class action, class action suit.
* demanda colectiva de los inversionistas = securities class action.
* identidad colectiva = collective identity.
* inconsciente colectivo, el = collective unconscious, the.
* índice colectivo = pool index.
* listado colectivo = union-listing.
* memoria colectiva = collective memoir, collective memory.
* negociación colectiva = collective bargaining.
* poder colectivo = collective power.
* registro de catálogo colectivo = joint record, joint catalogue record.
* responsabilidad colectiva = collective responsibility, group responsibility.
* sabiduría colectiva, la = wisdom of the crowds, the.
* término colectivo = collective term.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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